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Free Gin & Vodka bar samples from a hand picked selection on our bars*

& a Gin & Vodka Guide.

* Number of samples is festival specific, please check the specific

   festival for exact number.


 ** Full measure drinks are £5 each and your ticket does not include any.



Gin, Gin & More Gin!

The number of unique and artisans Gins is growing monthly, we  are literally sampling and tasting new gins everyday. It's a hard job, but someone has to do it.


At our festival you will get to try and taste many new gins that you will not find in your bog standard shops.

Eden Mill Love Gin

Lovingly made in Scotland

This Gin is infused with Hibiscus Flowers after distillation.


This light Gin is made by husband and wife team from North Yorkshire.

Whitley Neil

Distilled in 100 year old Copper still, it uses African Botanical for its unique taste.

Adnams Copper House

A regional gin Southwold, they are also famous for their Ales.

Warner Edwards Rhubarb

Distilled with Rhubarb that originally came from Queen Victoria's garden.



This a Scottish Gin with a Japanese twist. If you love Sake this is the gin for you.

Crystal Scull

The bottle is awesome and the Vodka awesome, its a win win.


Snow Queen

All hail the Snow Queen, a crisp vodka from Europe. Distilled 7 times.


If you can have your coffee Black or White, then why not your vodka.


Chase Marmalade

You can't have this on toast , but you can have it neat with ice.

Thunder Toffee

All you need is ice with this drink, but if you add fizzy apple... Toffee Apple


Wasabi Vodka

If you love wasabi you will love this Vodka.



Vodka is making a come back and our festival is the perfect place to try them.


Distillers are starting to create unique Vodkas never seen before. With flavours such as toffee, mango, wasabi, cows milk and more. You are never going to look at Vodka in the same way again.

Flavour Philosophy

A mixer should elevate the spirit, spurring the taste buds to experience new and richer, deeper and more exciting flavours. It should reward the drinker with sensations that improve rather than diluting their chosen drink – it should bring a spirit to life.

Indian Tonic

Tonic water, the classic pairing for gin, has a love/hate reputation.


Our aim was to create a tonic water that rewarded the palate rather than shocking it, so we began by brightening the top of the quinine flavour with pink grapefruit and then we deepened the lower notes with a subtle hint of juniper berry to round out the angularity of quinine and lengthen the finish of the tonic, reducing the bitter after-taste to which many people object.

Light Indian Tonic

Just like our Indian tonic water, our slimline tonic is the ideal soft drink for those watching their weight – with 60% fewer calories than the classic variety.

This zesty and rewarding low calorie soda is satisfying enough to drink alone but also rounds out the flavour of white spirits like gin and vodka superbly.

With pink grapefruit bringing piquancy to the first taste and juniper berry balancing quinine’s crispness with a rounded after taste there’s nothing skinny about this slimline mixer.


Watermelon & Cucumber

While watermelon and cucumber are both part of the Cucurbitaceae plant family, watermelon’s natural sugars bring warmth and shine to the traditionally fresh savour of cucumber.

While cucumber has a traditional affinity for gin and lighter summer fizzes the additional depth offered by watermelon allows our Cucumber & Watermelon mixer to stand alone or support light rums and other base spirits that require a little warmth to come to life.

Pomegranate & Basil

Often considered to be a superfood, pomegranate has a complex flavour profile that straddles sweet and tart but also offers a tannin note that brings body and structure to cocktails.

Basil, in the anise family, has always been renowned for lifting acidic flavours such as tomatoes and in a soft drink its peppery top note is a superb counterbalance to pomegranate, delivering a complex, exotic mid-taste that supports rather than overwhelming a mixed drink.